The Chosen

My wife and I finished season 1 of The Chosen tonight. It’s a show produced by VidAngel Studios that depicts the stories found in the four Gospels of the New Testament, and it does it in a way that I’ve never seen before. It’s more accessible for today’s viewers, depicting the stories in a way that allows us to relate more easily to what’s going on.

You meet characters such as Mary Magdalene, Peter and Andrew, Matthew the tax collector, and Nicodemus the Pharisee. The acting and writing is wonderful. And when you meet Jesus, it’s powerful. But you also soon recognize that He’s a real person with real emotions. He interacts with friends and others in “normal” ways, such as sitting down to a meal with a group, playing with children, joking around with friends, and dancing at a wedding.

It can be difficult to imagine what Jesus Christ was really like when you read the stories in the New Testament. We don’t have much to go on, and what we do have is written in scriptural language that can be difficult to understand. We also have two thousand years of translations and adjustments made by fallible people to account for, not to mention the fact that Jesus lived on the earth in a time and in a culture that is foreign to us. The Chosen helps to bridge those gaps.

The show takes liberties with dialogue and context. The characters don’t recite scripture. They say things that you may recognize as having been adapted from scripture, but it’s done in a way that you can easily understand. It sounds more like the way people might say things today, but it doesn’t sound weird or awkward, and it’s done in a reverent manner. It doesn’t feel inappropriate to me at all. On the contrary — the way they say things can feel even more powerful than it does when you read what it says in The Bible. The principles and lessons are the same, but the words are a little bit different, so it hits you in a different way. The fresh phrasing helps the principles and truths sink a little bit deeper.

Really, in the end, the magic of The Chosen is in its depiction of Jesus Christ. He is the Son of God who came to earth to live as a man. He did the will of His Father. If you were to ask me what I think Jesus would be like if we saw Him living on earth today, I would refer you to this show.

You can start watching here. Happy Easter, everyone.


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