Just do what you know you should. Do the little things every day. Pray, read the scriptures, exercise, get enough sleep, work hard, write — live a focused life. When you’re praying — pray. When you’re reading the scriptures — read them. When you’re exercising — exercise. You don’t need to listen to music or a podcast while you exercise. Just exercise. Focus on one thing at a time and you will be happy.

When you’re not sure what to do, don’t just default to whatever is easiest. Be deliberate. Think about what you really, truly want to do, deep down inside of you. You will find that time-wasting activities will not be so appealing to you, for what is their purpose? Why would you want to waste your time?

If there is something that weighs on your conscious mind, take whatever steps you need to take to resolve it. Repent. Do it as soon as possible. God will forgive you. He wants to forgive you, and He will do so as soon as you are willing to repent, and no later. He won’t waste a second, for He is waiting and ready, eager to forgive and help you move forward. He has no desire to keep you stuck where you are. He wants to give you everything He has. You are His child, and He wants to give you everything He has. So let Him.

Free yourself from bondage. Jesus Christ paid the price for your freedom. Do you believe that? The freedom is yours for the taking. All it requires is that you believe in Jesus Christ and that you believe Jesus Christ. He says that you will be forgiven if you repent. Do you believe Him? If you repent you will be free. 

God just wants you to turn away from evil and follow the path of freedom. His commandments are the path of freedom. They are not a list of arbitrary rules of a dictator who desires an army of slaves who blindly and compulsively follow him — God’s commandments are the guideposts of a benevolent Father who knows the path to happiness and freedom. He wants His children — you and me — to follow those guideposts that lead us home, back to Him — to enjoy the same eternal joy that He enjoys, together with our families. There, we will be free to pursue the fullness of joy that comes from eternal increase — bearing spirit children and giving them the same opportunity that our Father gave us — the opportunity to achieve eternal life, the greatest of all the gifts of God.

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